Pimento Wood Chips





Pimento wood creates an unforgettable flavor that cannot be replicated without it. This is the reason Jerk chicken and Pork are universally famous. The wood imparts a flavor, unlike anything you have ever tasted before. You haven’t had Jerk chicken until you smoked it with pimento wood. There is no substitute for pimento wood chips from Jamaica, as it gives food a unique and unforgettable flavor. We now sell on Amazon! Shipping to all countries, including the United Kingdom, Canada, and the USA!

Pimento Wood Chips Vs. Pimento Pellets

Pimento wood pellets and wood chips are very different for smoking jerk chicken; they have some critical differences!

Pimento wood pellets are a type of sawdust that is compressed and shaped into small pellets. The downside is that they contain sawdust, so you’re flavoring your meat with fillers and sawdust smoke. Not ideal for getting that authentic, unique aroma of pimento wood.

Wood chips, conversely, provide a better full-spectrum smoke flavor and have an easier time releasing their flavoring properties due to the larger surface area. This makes them perfect for smoking jerk chicken as they will give off more smoke over a longer period. Wood chips are usually easier to find than pimento wood pellets too.

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