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Buy Authentic Pimento Wood

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In Jamaica, jerk chicken is marked by its sweet and tangy flavors with allspice, scotch bonnet, and pimento wood.  Without the pimento smoke, it won’t be nearly as authentic and you definitely are missing out.  The smoke is so unique, that you aren’t able to replicate it with any other smoking wood.  You can buy premium and authentic pimento wood here.  Our wood is rated as the highest quality, and it’s minimally heat-treated to avoid losing all flavors. Our wood has more of the pimento (allspice) flavor than any other wood out there because of our process.

Pimento wood creates an unforgettable flavor that cannot be replicated without it. This is the reason Jerk chicken and Pork is universally famous. The wood imparts a flavor unlike anything you ever tasted before. You haven’t had Jerk chicken until you smoked it with pimento wood.

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